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Workshop on the transformative effect of access and re-use of data for smart industries

This workshop represents an opportunity for data intensive industry sectors to have their say and provide their input on the challenges they face when trying to access and re-use data.

Access to and the re-use of data have been identified as crucial for businesses to develop innovative business models, products and services. Barriers to access and re-use of data can hamper innovation and consequently growth in the Digital Single Market.

In January 2017 the Commission adopted the 'Building a European Data Economy' Package where it addressed, among other issues, the opportunities and challenges related to access and re-use of data. Finding the right answers to these questions is essential in order to unleash the full potential of the EU Data Economy. The 'Building a European Data Economy' Communication announced a structured dialogue with stakeholders, which included a public consultation (closed on 26 April) and a series of workshops. This workshop is held in the framework of the structured dialogue.

It aims, in particular, at discussing the following:

  • Preliminary findings, including on access and re-use of data, of the study "Impact Assessment support study on emerging issues of data ownership, interoperability, (re)usability and access to data, and liability";
  • Examples of data use in different sectors;
  • Access to data in the business to business context ;
  • If and how data is shared within the same value chain;
  • Obstacles to data access and re-use, including legal and contractual barriers
  • Are data access issues sector-specific or are there commonalities across different sectors.

Read the workshop report.

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Rue Van Maerlant 2, 1040, Bruxelles