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Call for Proposals: Media ownership monitor

The European Commission invests EUR 1 million to foster transparency of media ownership in the European Union.

The European Commission is launching a Call for proposals for the Pilot Project "Media ownership monitor".

As a part of its wider efforts to support media freedom and pluralism, today the European Commission launched a call for proposals to establish a Media Ownership Monitor, with the maximum amount of the grant being €1 million. The call for proposals is open to non-profit organisations (private or public), international organisations, universities, educational institutions and research centres working in the field of media freedom and pluralism .

The Media Ownership Monitor project will create a tool to better inform policy and regulatory interventions that support media freedom and pluralism, by clearly delineating where ownership lies, making potential issues more visible and thereby helping to improve the understanding of the media market. Concretely, the Monitor will provide a country-based database containing information on media ownership, assess systematically relevant legal frameworks and identify possible risks to media ownership transparency.

The need for such a tool has come about due to the increasing trends of the concentration of ownership in digital and traditional media and the consequent risks to media pluralism.

- Total budget available: 1.000.000 EUR (one million euros).

- Maximum co-financing rate: 90% of eligible costs

- Duration of the action: 1 year

Questions for this call should be sent at the latest on 2 February 2021 to

The questions and answers will be published, anonymously, on this page (more information on your personal data).

For download:

  1. Call for proposals
  2. Grant application form
  3. Model grant agreement (multibeneficiary)
  4. Model grant agreement (sole applicant)
  5. Estimated budget
  6. Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss
  7. Declaration on honour
  8. Financial identification form
  9. Legal entity form - private law body
  10. Legal entity form - public law body
  11. Privacy Statement for Legal Entity and Bank Account Validation
  12. Clarifications (9 February 2021)