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Sixth meeting of the Web Accessibility Expert Group

The sixth meeting of the Web Accessibility Expert Group (WADEX) took place on 28 November 2019. This page includes a summary of the meeting and lists all relevant documents related to it.

The morning started with an update, since the last meeting, given by the Commission on the new College of Commissioners which would serve until 31 October 2024. Other updates concerned the DSM Expert group page, the DSM Webpage on monitoring, reporting and enforcement bodies and the brochure “Digital inclusion and Web accessibility in the European Union.

DG Communication gave a brief update on the advancements done from their end, accessibility wise. The Commission gave some other updates on the preparatory action “Web access by default” which is a continuation to the current We4Authors project; on the results of the public consultation on the orientations for the upcoming Horizon Europe and Digital Europe programmes; and finally on the W3C training on “Web Accessibility”.

This was followed by a presentation given by EDF on a survey on the Web Accessibility Directive in the EU, launched on 23 September 2019. The Commission also presented two call for proposals launched this year: "An empowering, inclusive Next Generation Internet" and the "Digital Accessibility Observatory". The presentations were followed by group sessions which discussed how the impact of the latter call for proposals could be optimised. The results of the feedback given are included in the minutes as well as in a separate report attached in the section below containing the relevant documents for this meeting.

The afternoon session concentrated on three presentations given by various WADEX members on their monitoring experiences and lessons learnt when generating accessibility statements. These presentations were used as a kick-off for group discussions whereby "Monitoring - Testing", "Monitoring - Organisation" and "Accessibility Statements" were the main topics. The results of the feedback given are included in the minutes. 

Relevant documents for this meeting:

  1. Agenda
  2. Minutes
  3. Presentation by EDF, "Survey on Web Accessibility Directive transposition and implementation"
  4. Presentation by the European Commission, "ICT-57-2020 and DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-23-2020 H2020 calls for proposals"
  5. Presentation by the European Commission, "Business cross-borders and multilingual services - language obstacles in the Single Market"
  6. Presentation by Slovakia, "Unified modular methodology"
  7. Presentation by Portugal, "PT monitoring methodology"
  8. Presentation by Belgium and the Netherlands, "Accessibility statements"
  9. Report, "Optimising the impact of the Digital Accessibility Observatory"