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Women in Digital Scoreboard 2020

Women across Europe are less likely to have specialist digital skills and work in this field compared to men. According to the Commission’s 2020 Women in Digital (WiD) Scoreboard, only 18% of ICT specialists are women and the gender gap is present in all 12 indicators measured.

However, the gap has narrowed from 7% to 2% in the past ten years when measuring the use of internet, as most men and women (86% and 84%, respectively) go online at least once a week. Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands are home to some of the most active women in the digital economy, with the latter overtaking Luxembourg since last year. Women in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Italy are the least likely to be taking part, either through employment, use of internet, or skills.

The WiD Scoreboard monitors women’s participation in the digital economy. Part of the Digital Economy and Society Index DESI, it assesses Member States' performance in the areas of Internet use, Internet user skills as well as specialist skills and employment based on 12 indicators.

Download and read country reports to see how your country is faring in terms of women's participation in the digital economy

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