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Economic analysis of PSI impacts

In support of its policy, the Commission studies the economic case for opening up public sector information.

Over the past 10 years, several studies have been undertaken to measure different aspects of PSI, including its economic value (e.g. PIRA (Executive summary, full report), MEPSIR (Executive summary, Part 1 - Description, overview of results and conclusion, Part 2 - Detailed results for sub-domains and conclusions) etc), PSI re-use economic potential (e.g. OFT study in the UK), PSI re-use in the geographical information, meteorological and legal sectors (MICUS study), economic analysis for assessing different charging models (e.g. Cambridge Study), etc.

In the context of the 2011 review of the Directive on the re-use of public sector information, the following studies were carried out for the Commission:

  • The meta study "Review of recent studies on PSI re-use and related market developments" undertaken by Graham Vickery of the consultancy Information Economics.
    It summarises the findings of the currently available studies on PSI re-use, either sectorial or national.
    It concludes that opening up public sector information has a great economic potential and that the overall direct economic yearly gains can be estimated at €40bn throughout the EU. The overall direct and indirect gains even amount to €140 a year.
  • The study on "Pricing of public sector information (POPSIS)" undertaken by Deloitte.
    It has assessed the effects of PSI charging models on the downstream market, PSI re-users and end-users and impacts on the public sector body itself.
    It concludes that the potential benefits of lowered charges for PSI re-use can be high, since low charges can lead to more economic activity, market dynamism, innovation and employment.
    Click here for the
    Executive summary and the
    Full report on models of supply and charging for public sector information

    In addition it has provided a first snapshot of the "Apps" market and its relation with PSI.
    Finally, the study provides a first insight into "Open data" portals in Europe.
  • The study on "PSI re-use in the cultural sector" undertaken by Curts+Cartwright Consulting.
    It brought insights into the importance of re-use in terms of revenues for cultural institutions and into the development of the re-use market for cultural material.

Most recently in November 2015, available evidence on economic impacts was consolidated into a study report by CapGemini Consulting, indicating that the market for products and services based on Open Data will be €55.3bn in 2016 and €75.7bn by 2020.