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EU-Funded Projects in Blockchain Technology

Already EUR 180 Mio of EU Funding Spent to Support Research & Innovation in Blockchain.

Camembert per sector and technologies


circle with colours and names of sectors

In the recent years, the European Commission has been active in setting up Proof of Concepts, Pilot Projects and EU initiatives to explore, test and understand legal, regulatory, policy, research and funding needs related to blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT). 

This is an attempt at an inventory of past, ongoing and ready-to-start blockchain- and DLT-related EU projects and pilots across Europe.

EU funded projects

As regards R&I projects, the Commission, notably through Horizon 2020, has been funding several EU projects where blockchain and DLT contribute to bringing up new trust paradigms as well as societal, technical and infrastructural solutions. CEF - the Connecting Europe Facility -  is already funding the EU Blockchain Services Infrastructure deployment, including use cases agreed under the EU Blockchain Partnership by the EU Commission with 27 EU Member States, Norway and Liechtenstein.

EU Pilot projects

The Commission is also managing EU Parliament Pilot Projects, which resulted, for instance, in the creation of the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum. The Commission has also set up EU prizes (e.g. the Blockchain For Social Good EU prize). A new investment fund, "the Blockchain and AI fund", is being created. In 2020, 100 M€ will be allocated to the European Investment Fund (EIF) for being invested in Venture Capital funds, who will then invest in Artifical Intelligence and/or blockchain start-ups. The 100 M€ invested by the EIF (of which 45 M€ coming from H2020 (ICT + RTD), 28 from tthe European Fund for Strategic Investments, 27 from the EIF) will trigger a total of 300 to 400 M€ of investment by the different Venture Capital funds.

More projects and reports

Topics and technologies

The currently funded projects have been grouped under a cluster of topics and technologies: e-identity and decentralised data management, healthcare and education, privacy and cybersecurity, IoT and smart homes, grids and cities, music and media, industrial technologies, environment and circular economy. This list is not exhaustive and it may expand depending on new projects being identified and funded.


EU funded projectSectorEU contribution (approx. figures)Total costsDG in chargeTimelineFactsheet on Cordis
PRIViLEDGECryptography4,54,5CNECT/ H2020Ongoing
DEFENDERCybersecurity/Energy6,88,9CNECT/ H2020Ongoing
FINSECCybersecurity/Financial7,810,2CNECT/ H2020Ongoing
FeatureCloudCybersecurity/Health4,74,7CNECT/ H2020Ongoing
SPHINXCybersecurity/Health55CNECT/ H2020Ongoing
STOP-ITCybersecurity/Water8,39,6CNECT/ H2020Ongoing
AEGISData management33,9CNECT/ H2020Ongoing
AMABLEData management88.2CNECT/ H2020Ongoing
ICARUSData Management34CNECT/ H2020Ongoin
D-CENTDigital economy/society1,92,6CNECT/ H2020Closed
DLInnociateDigital economy/society0,10,1GROW/ H2020Closed
INTERLACEDigital economy/society0,10,1CNECT/ H2020Closed
QualiChainEducation44REA / H2020Ongoing
SEALEducation1,21,6CNECT / CEFOngoing
Blockchain For Social GoodEIC Prize55CNECT/ H2020Ongoing
DECODEe-identity55CNECT/ H2020Ongoing
Greek eGov/eIDASe-identity0,50,5CNECT / CEFClosed 
PTwistEnvironment1,82,2CNECT/ H2020Ongoing
iReceptorHealtchare7,98,5RTD / H2020Ongoing
KONFIDOHealtchare55CNECT/ H2020Ongoing
BodyPassHealth & Personal Data2,63,1CNECT/ H2020Ongoing
CUREXHealthcare55CNECT/ H2020Ongoing
euCanSHareHealthcare66RTD / H2020Ongoing
MyHealthMyDataHealthcare3,54CNECT/ H2020Ongoing
WeldGalaxyIndustrial Technologies7,515RTD / H2020Ongoing
SUnFISHIoT / Clouds4,54,5CNECT/ H2020Closed
CHARIOTIoT / Industry4,94,9CNECT/ H2020Ongoing
GHOSTIoT / Smart Homes3,65CNECT/ H2020Ongoing
BROSIoT / Swarm Robotics0,30,3CNECT/ H2020Ongoing
SOFIEIoT environments4,54,5CNECT/ H2020Ongoing
symbIoTeIoT environments7,17,1CNECT/ H2020Closed
IoTCrawlerIoT Interoperability55CNECT/ H2020Ongoing
SerIoTIoT platforms55CNECT/ H2020Ongoing
BLOOMENMedia2,83,3CNECT/ H2020Ongoing
I-Media-CitiesMedia3,33,3CNECT/ H2020Closed
BlockchainKYCSME Instrument/Phase10,50,5EASME/H2020Closed
SignaturitSME Instrument/Phase10,50,5EASME/H2020Closed
BillionSME Instrument/Phase222,8EASME/H2020Ongoing
SettleMintSME Instrument/Phase21,82,6EASME/H2020Ongoing
SHOGANAISME Instrument/Phase22,23,2EASME/H2020Ongoing
Smart-TrustSME Instrument/Phase22,13EASME/H2020Ongoing