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EU-funded projects using High-value datasets

The European Commission is supporting a portfolio of projects funded under the Digital Europe Programme for the use of High-value datasets in the framework of the EU Open Data Directive.

BeOpen - will develop a holistic framework to improve interoperability, semantics and quality of public sector High Value Datasets, easing the creation of a new generation of EU-wide services and AI capabilities. Eight pilots will address mobility, urban security, environment, and natural disasters challenges in several EU regions.

MAREGRAPH - will provide an open linked data production and publication of three high impact datasets in the marine domain using state of the art technologies. This will allow the onboarding of essential marine datasets in the Common European Data Spaces. As such, the project will provide a structural component in the digital transition of the marine landscape.

Open Maps for Europe 2 – will develop a strategy that will increase the use of European cadastral data by making it more findable and accessible.

RODEO – will develop a user interface and Application Programming Interfaces (API) for accessing meteorological datasets considered as High Value Datasets. The project also fosters the engagement between data providers and data users for enhancing the understanding of technical solutions being available for sharing and accessing the HVD datasets.

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