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EU-U.S. TTC: Call for input on first edition of WG1 Terminology and Taxonomy for Artificial Intelligence

The EU and U.S. are welcoming input on the 65 key AI terms essential to understanding risk-based approaches to AI, along with their interpretations and shared definitions that were released as part of the Fourth TTC Ministerial in May 2023. Comments on the completeness, relevance and correctness of the definitions are particularly encouraged.

During the fourth ministerial meeting that took place in May 2023, the EU and the U.S. TTC co-chairs reviewed progress and announced key initiatives, including the advancement of the joint AI Roadmap through launching three expert groups to focus on AI terminology and taxonomy, standards and tools for trustworthy AI and risk management, as well as monitoring and measuring AI risks. 

Since then, the groups have:

The EU and the U.S. decided to add special emphasis on generative AI, including its opportunities and risks, to the work on the Roadmap. This work will complement the G7 Hiroshima AI process. The joint statement is found here

This Roadmap, shared at the TTC Ministerial Meeting (December 2022), aims to guide the development of tools, methodologies, and approaches to AI risk management and trustworthy AI. It advances the EU and the U.S. shared interest to support international standardisation efforts and promote trustworthy AI on the basis of a shared dedication to democratic values and human rights. 


1. Click on this link 

2. Provide feedback: share your insights through our dedicated online form. Comments received will be made publicly available, so personal or sensitive information should not be included.

3. The deadline for comments is 24 November 2023, at 23:59 CET / 17:59 EDT.  

For more information, please visit Input on the First Edition of TTC WG1 EU-U.S. Terminology and Taxonomy for Artificial Intelligence | Futurium (