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The European declaration on High-Performance Computing

Several European countries have signed the European declaration on High-Performance Computing (HPC). With their signature, they agree to participate in the joint European and national effort to build and deploy a world-class computing and data infrastructure in Europe.

Infographic depicting all the signature countries of the High Performance Computing declaration

European Commission


The EuroHPC Declaration is an agreement in which the signatory countries commit to work together with each other and with the European Commission to acquire, build and deploy an integrated world-class High Performance Computing infrastructure that would rank among the world's top three by 2022-2023. The declaration foresees that such infrastructure will be made available across Europe for scientific communities as well as public and private partners, no matter where supercomputers are located. This integrated EuroHPC infrastructure will upraise Europe's scientific capabilities and industrial competitiveness and will ensure joint procuring and deploying exascale supercomputers accessible from everywhere in Europe and based on competitive European technologies.

Signatory countries

The EuroHPC declaration was launched on 23 March 2017 at the Digital Day in Rome, and was signed by seven Member States: France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

Other countries have since joined the initiative:

Latvia has confirmed in July 2018 its commitment to become a founding member of the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking (JU).

Other Member States and countries associated to the Horizon 2020 framework programme can join this cooperation at any moment, provided their financial contribution.

EuroHPC Joint Undertaking

By signing the declaration, the above countries marked their intention  to join the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking (JU), which has been proposed by the European Commission on 11 January 2018, when it will be adopted by the Council of the European Union.

The EuroHPC Joint Undertaking (JU) is a legal and funding entity which will enable pooling of the Union's and national resources on High-Performance Computer (HPC).

More information

More information on the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking is available:

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