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The map of WiFi4EU winners

After three successful calls for applications, the physical spread of the municipalities that will benefit of the EU funding under the WiFi4EU scheme can now be portrayed visually.

WiFi4EU map

The WiFi4EU initiative is having a concrete impact on municipalities across Europe by promoting free access to Wi-Fi connectivity for citizens in public spaces including parks, squares, public buildings, libraries, health centres and museums. After three successful calls for applications, it is very interesting to see the map of the municipalities that will benefit from EU funding under the WiFi4EU scheme.

As the map below shows, the WiFi4EU initiative is reaching all participating countries, giving citizens from the length and breadth of Europe the chance to benefit from free Wi-Fi connectivity where they live. The blue, red and green dots represent the 7980 winning municipalities from the three calls, which are now in the process of installing the WiFi4EU network. In countries such as Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ireland Slovenia and Lithuania, the municipalities granted a WiFi4EU voucher make up more than 70% of the eligible entities in the Member State.

The next time you will be travelling around Europe, don’t forget to check the map of WiFi4EU winners and the list of winners to know where you may be able to connect to the free and public WiFi4EU network!

You can also find an overview of winning municipalities per EU country. 

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