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Overview of EU-funded blockchain-related projects

Until today, already EUR 347 million of EU funding has been planned and used to support blockchain-related research and innovation.

pie chart of blockchain EU funding by sector

European Commission

In recent years, the European Commission has been active in exploring research and funding needs related to blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT).

This is an attempt to take stock of ongoing and ready-to-start European projects and pilots related to blockchain and DLT across Europe.

EU funded projects

Regarding research and innovation, the Commission, in particular through the Horizon 2020 programme, has funded several EU projects in which blockchain and DLT contribute to the emergence of new paradigms of trust as well as societal, technical and infrastructural solutions.  An example of the Horizon 2020 funded projects is the European Blockchain Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) action, which received a total of 7 million euros funding from the EC.

The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) funds the deployment of the EU's blockchain service infrastructure (EBSI), including the use cases agreed under the EU Blockchain Partnership (EBP). The EBP consists of 27 EU Member States, Norway and Liechtenstein.

In 2019, the European Investment Fund (EIF) launched with the support of the European Commission, an AI and blockchain investment scheme to increase tech funding in Europe. EUR 100 million were made available to venture capitals supporting relevant technologies. The scheme was very successful and leveraged more than EUR 700 million in 2020 to be invested as venture capital funds in European start-ups. The scheme was complemented by other investment actions managed by EIF. Support to Venture Capital for deep tech, including blockchain, will continue during the period 2021-2027 with financial support provided by the European Commission through its new InvestEU programme.

EU Pilot projects

The Commission also manages EU Parliament pilot projects, which have resulted, for example, in the creation of the European Blockchain Observatory and Forum.

The Commission has also set up EU prizes (e.g. the Blockchain for Social Good prize).

More projects and reports

Topics and technologies

For the purposes of this report, we have grouped EU-funded projects into these sectors:

  • Security (cyber security, data security, etc.)
  • Public services
  • Internet of Things and Next Generation Internet
  • Sustainability – Production, traceability, circular textiles etc.
  • Sustainability – Energy and Transport
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • 5G, AI and Big Data
  • Food security
  • Innovation support, studies etc.
  • Media and Social Media

Please note that the list mentioned above is not exhaustive and will evolve according to new projects identified and financed.

Ongoing projects:

EU funded projectEU contribution (approx. figures)Overall budgetSectorFactsheet on Cordis
PROCONTRA2.52.5Other - Studies (Science & technology)
BlockchainGov22Secure societies (e.g. cyber & data security)
BIG2.52.5Sustainability - Sustainable Business Ecosystem
BBTWINS4.15.3Food security
TRICK89.6Sustainability - Traceability of products
CITIES203011.812.5Food security
HEREWEAR6.27Sustainability - Circular textiles
IMPULSE44Public services
FeatureCloud4.64.6Public services
COPA EUROPE4.96.2Media & Social Media
BRIGHT4.75.9Sustainability - Energy
DiTECT4.14.1Food security
TrustEat0.90.9Food security
NGI Assure88Industrial Technologies - Big Data
PlatOne7.59.6Sustainability - Energy
TruBlo6.16.1Next generation internet
OntoChain66Next generation internet
TRAPEZE56Secure societies (e.g. cyber & data security)
PUZZLE45.3Secure societies (e.g. cyber & data security)
Pop-Machina1011Sustainability - Collaborative production
PLANET77.1Sustainability - Transport
CyberKit4SME3.94.9Secure societies (e.g. cyber & data security)
PARITY7.29.4Sustainability - Energy
5GaaS2.43.2Industrial Technologies - 5G
CREST77Secure societies (e.g. cyber & data security)
BAnDIT1.11.1Internet of Things (IoT)
INFINITECH15.920.8Internet of Things (IoT)
PharmaLedger8.322.1Public services
DE4A88Public services
COLLABS66Advanced manufacturing
TOKEN3.83.8Sustainability - Collaborative government
SlotMachine1.92.2Sustainability - Transport
BLOCKCHAINSOCIETY1.51.5Other - Studies (Science & technology)
P2PMODELS1.51.5Sustainability - Other
AICHAIN11.8Sustainability - Transport
euCanSHare5.46Public services
MOLIERE22.7Industrial Technologies - Space data
AVANGARD1423.2Advanced manufacturing
5GZORRO55Industrial Technologies - 5G
TNT (Truth-not-Trust)1.92.7Secure societies (e.g. cyber & data security)
CirculariseSource1.52.1Sustainability - Other
AMABLE88.2Advanced manufacturing
ARTICONF4.24.2Media & Social Media
CRITICAL-CHAINS4.25Secure societies (e.g. cyber & data security)
FleXunity33.8Sustainability - Energy Flexibility
LOCARD6.86.8Secure societies (e.g. cyber & data security)
MINESPIDER2.33.3Sustainability - Tracking minerals
Preemie1.72.4Public services
BlockStart1.51.5Innovation Support for SMEs
WeldGalaxy7.515Advanced manufacturing
CUREX55Public services
CATTLECHAIN 4.022.5Sustainability - Other
SOTER34.1Secure societies (e.g. cyber & data security)
TOTAL (EUR Mio)262.4323  


Finished projects:

EU funded projectEU contribution (approx. figures)Overall budgetSectorFactsheet on Cordis
LEDGER77Next generation internet
Block.IS4.95.5Innovation Support for SMEs
BEACON1.72.4Industrial Technologies - Weather intelligence
QualiChain44Public services
CO33.33.3Public services
B-HUB FOR EUROPE1.61.9Innovation Support for SMEs
EUNOMIA2.52.9Media & Social Media
SocialTruth2.53.2Media & Social Media
M-Sec1.51.5Sustainability - Other
CYBER-TRUST33Secure societies (e.g. cyber & data security)
B4TDM1.92.8Other - Document Management
PRIViLEDGE4.54.5Secure societies (e.g. cyber & data security)
eDREAM3.83.8Sustainability - Energy
FIN-TECH2.52.5Industrial Technologies - Big Data
DECENTER2.22.2Industrial Technologies - Artificial Intelligence
BLOCKPOOL1.51.5Innovation Support for SMEs
PoSeID-on2.53.1Secure societies (e.g. cyber & data security)
SettleMint1.82.6Other - Blockchain middleware
SHOGANAI2.23.2Sustainability - Transport
BLOCKCHERS1.51.5Innovation Support for SMEs
CHARIOT4.94.9Internet of Things (IoT)
SOFIE4.54.5Internet of Things (IoT)
BlockchainKYC1.21.8Secure societies (e.g. cyber & data security)
BLOOMEN2.83.3Media & Social Media
Smart-Trust2.13Secure societies (e.g. cyber & data security)
DECODE55Secure societies (e.g. cyber & data security)
MH-MD3.54Public services
Ptwist1.82.2Sustainability - Other
Billon22.8Other - Digital payments
TOTAL (EUR Mio)84.293.9