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Recordings of the multi-stakeholder conference on fake news

The European Commission organised a multi-stakeholder conference on Fake News to define the boundaries of the fake news phenomenon, assess the effectiveness of the solutions already put in place by social media platforms and to agree on key principles for further action. The recordings are now available.

The image represents fake news via online media and traditional press

European Commission

Tackling fake news

The multi-stakeholder conference is part of a large-scale consultation process on fake news, involving platforms, news media, research and civil society organisations aiming to find the right solutions consistent with fundamental principles and applicable coherently across the European Union.

The recordings of the conference are now available:

Opening the conference, Commissioner Mariya Gabriel launched a public consultation to gather the views of a wide range of stakeholders on fake news. You can reply to the the public consultation by 23 February 2018.This will be complemented with a Eurobarometer public opinion survey to be launched early 2018 to measure and analyse the perceptions and concerns of the European citizens around fake news.

The Commissioner also announced the set up of a High Level Group (HLG), to advise on policy initiatives to counter fake news and the spread of disinformation online. The high-level group is to hold its inaugural meeting in January 2018.

Speech by Digital Economy and Society Commissioner  Mariya Gabriel

Follow the latest developments of the fake news consultation process via @EU_MediaLit and #TackleFakeNews.