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Plasmare il futuro digitale dell'Europa
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"Accelerating the digital transformation of government" session at EWRC 2016

The Workshop will present the new eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020, which aims to accelerate the digital transformation of government in the EU.

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The 20 pre-defined actions already in the action plan are addressing the modernisation of public administrations using ICT, the mobility of citizens and businesses in the EU and facilitating the digital interaction with administrations for high-quality public services. In addition, further actions may by proposed during the lifetime of the action plan, which could be of particular interest to regions and local authorities.

The aim of the workshop is to present the eGovernment Actions Plan and inform regional and local authorities about how they can contribute to achieving the overall vision of the plan by suggesting additional actions.

The workshop will also showcase eGovernment initiatives at the regional and the local level that may be replicated by other regions and local authorities.