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StartupCity Europe Partnership launches first Startup Europe Day

After another successful Startup Europe Summit the announcement of the first Startup Europe Day was warmly welcomed.

painted skyline of the city of Rotterdam


painted skyline of the city of Rotterdam

The honorary consul of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Cluj, Mr. Wouter Reijers, has announced during the high-level panel of EU Mayors 'How to build StartupCities across Europe' at the Startup Europe Summit held in Cluj-Napoca (Romania), that the Netherlands are going to organize the first Startup Europe Day in Rotterdam. The Startup Europe Day will be powered by SCEP (StartupCity Europe Partnership) which is a new pan-European network of cities with more than 25 cities in 14 EU countries. Rotterdam is part of SCEP in order to become a leading European StartupCity.

In the Netherlands, the ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations has taken the initiative to organize the Startup Europe Day, together with the ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, the city of Rotterdam, the province of Zuid Holland, and SCEP. This day will take place in November 2019, also a starting point for the new European Commission  (2019-2023).

Some of the draft topics are:

  • European funding and regulation.
  • Deep Tech verticals (AI, IoT, HPC, Blockchain).
  • Rotterdam - Cluj-Napoca as a good example of alternative hubs (not the “usual suspects” London, Paris, Amsterdam). During Romania's EU Presidency from January-June 2019, Cluj-Napoca became the startup capital of Europe by hosting Startup Europe Summit on 21-22 March, 2019.
  • SCEP strategic meeting with other member states such as Finland's EU Presidency from July-December 2019. 
  • Startup in residence and activities related to innovation procurement. For example, the Netherlands government is spending more than 70 billion per year.


“I give all my support to Rotterdam that will organize the first edition of Startup Europe Day. The Startup Europe Day is building and promoting the StartupCity concept based on deep tech verticals and interconnexion of local startup ecosystems for creating alternative hubs across Europe.” Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner responsible for Digital Economy and Society

“Rotterdam is by far the most European city in The Netherlands. The mix of an internationally oriented population of citizens and entrepreneurs make this city and port a unique area. An area where you can turn your innovative dreams into action. My city has the honor to host the Startup Europe Day and I thank the European Commission for choosing Rotterdam. We will warmly welcome our new European Commissioners, and all startups and their supporters.”
“Rotterdam is honoured that the European Commission will organise the first annual Startup Europe Day in Rotterdam. Rotterdam is a city full of ambition just as the people who start a new business. Their spirit is our spirit. So, a warm welcome to all startups and organisations that support them.” Ahmed Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam 

“One of the most important ingredient to achievs a success is timing. And this initiative has come to the right time for cities to envision a new way of looking at each other different the one they did before, which was competition. Competition will always exist, but from now on we can also collaborate in the StartupCities network to put together our talents and innovation. Cluj can be a Startup City of IoT medical, as other cities have other specific specializations. Creating the SCEP network we will have opportunity to see how money will follow talents and enhance sustainable development in the functional ecosystem at the local level, cities level and also international level with the Startup Europe Day in Rotterdam.” Emil Boc, Mayor Cluj-Napoca

“SCEP is very proud to power the first edition of Startup Europe Day. SCEP cities are very happy to support as a team the leadership of Rotterdam.” Arturo Villar, Founder & Coordinator of SCEP