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Flash Eurobarometer on illegal content

The Commission launched a Flash Eurobarometer on Illegal Content online. Its results support the evidence gathered, underpinning measures to tackle illegal content online. This Eurobarometer report is now available.

The Flash Eurobarometer 469 targeted citizens and aimed at collecting data on their perceptions and preferences, as well as their experience with encountering illegal content online or with posting content which is removed by online hosting service providers.

The Eurobarometer was carried out in June 2018 and built on a representative sample of views across all 28 Member States, with a total of 33,224 EU respondents, residents from different social and demographic groups, out of which 30,266 are users of some type of hosting service online.

Key figures reported in the Flash Eurobarometer:

  • 65% of the respondents do not think the Internet is safe for its users.
  • A large majority (90%) agree that arrangements need to be in place to limit the spread of illegal content online.
  • A large majority (85%) agree that freedom of expression needs to be protected online.
  • 44% agree online hosting services are effective in tackling illegal content.
  • 90% agree that online hosting services should immediately remove content flagged as illegal by public or law enforcement authorities
  • 75% of the respondents agree that, when an Internet hosting service removes content uploaded by a user, the user should be able to appeal the decision.

Further data on citizens' use of hosting service providers and experiences in encountering allegedly illegal content online or in having their content removed, are available in the Flash Eurobarometer report.