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Fibre is the most energy efficient broadband technology

A study launched in 2017 by Europacable has found that fibre is the most energy efficient technology for broadband access networks, compared with DSL, xDSL, vectoring and DOCSIS. Per capita per year, performing at 50 Mbps, fibre networks consume 56 kWh compared to 88 kWh for DOCSIS – a carbon emission equivalent of 1.7 tons for fibre compared to 2.7 tons for DOCSIS. The higher the speed of connectivity, the greater the difference in energy consumption. Fibre’s reliance on fewer intermediate devices and amplifiers than other technologies facilitates its energy efficiency.

Title over colourful abstract illustration representing fibre, data and energy: Fibre is the most energy efficient broadband technology


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Learn more in the video interview, below, with Philippe Vanhille, Europacable Digital Team Chairman, and explore the Europacable study.

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