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Creative Europe MEDIA at the 75th Venice International Film Festival

The 75th edition of the Venice International Film Festival will open its doors on 29th August 2018 with the participation of 7 films supported by the European Union via the Creative Europe MEDIA programme. The Festival also includes a European Film Forum event on 1 September, co-organised by the European Commission with La Biennale di Venezia.

European Film Forum

The European Film Forum will bring together industry representatives and policy makers to explore the role of festivals post-2020, focusing on ways to strengthen the promotion of films and reach wider audiences.

The European Film Forum event "Creating the buzz around movies: Promotion, Festivals and MEDIA after 2020" will take place on Saturday, 1st September 2018, from 16.00 to 18.00 at the Excelsior Hotel, Venice Lido, Sala degli Stucchi.

This year the Venice Film Festival takes place in the backdrop of the Commission's proposals on Creative Europe MEDIA, AVMSD and copyright.

Following the official Creative Europe proposal of 30 May, this year's European Film Forum is an excellent occasion to discuss priorities of the new programme and the concrete options for MEDIA in the future. As regards support for festivals, the current budget helps to reach more than 3.5 million people. Festivals today play a vital role in building up audiences for films. As the audiovisual landscape is changing rapidly, the Film Forum will address how festivals should respond and how MEDIA support can be adapted, in order to maximise impact.


Opening remarks by Paolo Baratta, President, La Biennale di Venezia

Keynote speech by Roberto Viola, Director General of DG CONNECT, European Commmission

Exchange between the San Sebastian Film Festival and the Lille Series Mania Festival, to compare their approaches, addressing the film sector and the TV sector respectively.  What can festivals learn from each other and how can they collaborate ? How will they adapt their roles and their methods in the future?

  • Laurence Herszberg, Festival Director, Séries Mania
  • José Luis Rebordinos, Festival Director, San Sebastián International Film Festival
  • Moderated by Damon Wise, journalist

Panel discussion on the power of collaboration. Collaboration is a flexible principle and can be implemented in different ways, allowing festivals to maintain their unique identities. How to scale up, share and make better use of resources and reach wider audiences?

  • José Luis Cienfuegos, Director, Seville European Film Festival
  • Juliette Duret, Head of Cinema, Centre for Fine Arts, BOZAR, Brussels
  • Chiraz Latiri, Director, Tunisian National Cinema and Image Centre (CNCI)
  • Orwa Nyrabia, Artistic Director, International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam
  • Prof. Ulrich Wegenast, Managing Director, Programme, Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film
  • Moderated by Maja Cappello, Head of the Department for Legal Information, European Audiovisual Observatory

Closing remarks by Silvia Costa, MEP, CULT Committee

The conference will be webstreamed here.

Europa Cinemas Innovation Prize

The European Film Forum will be followed by the 1st edition of the Europa Cinemas Innovation Prize. This prize will reward outstanding innovative projects and approaches carried out by networks of cinemas. This joint initiative of Creative Europe MEDIA and Europa Cinemas aims at highlighting the diversity, vitality and creativity of cinemas. We are seeking to reward projects and approaches that have the potential to inspire other cinema exhibitors to engage with audiences, using digital technologies and building environmentally sustainable projects, as well as projects with a long-term socio-economic impact. The winner of the Prize will be awarded €10,000.

MEDIA-supported films

This year's edition of the Venice International Film Festival features 7 films and 1 TV series supported by Creative Europe MEDIA:

Venezia 75 competition

  • Capri Revolution by Mario Martone (Italy, France)
  • Sunset (Napszállta) by László Nemes (Hungary, France)
  • Werk Ohne Autor by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (Germany)
  • The Favourite by Yorgos Lanthimos (UK, Ireland, USA)

Orizzonti Competition

  • The day I lost my shadow (Yom adaatou zouli) by Soudade Kaadan (Syria, Lebanon, France, Qatar)

Out of competition

  • My brilliant friend (L'amica geniale) by Saverio Costanzo (Italy, Belgium)
  • Les Estivants by Valeria Bruni Tedeschi (Italy, France)
  • Un peuple et son roi by Pierre Schoeller (France, Belgium)

The total support from Creative Europe MEDIA amounts to nearly €1.255.000. These films and TV series projects were supported for film development, TV production, distribution outside their country of origin or through international co-production funds.

MEDIA-funded projects

The European GAP-Financing Market takes place during the Venice Film Market which will run in 2018 its 16th edition. It is a co-production and co-financing market for European projects (films, feature documentaries, TV series, web series and VR projects) having secured at least 70% of their budget. This project is more appealing to equity and financial investors and financiers as well as the sales agents, distributors and post-production companies which are more and more interested to act as co-producers. The awarded amount in 2018 was €85.000 through the access to markets support scheme of Creative Europe MEDIA.

The Biennale College is an initiative launched in 2010 with a strong commitment to developing new creative energies channelled into producing art. Biennale is supported for two activities for the first time in the framework of Creative Europe: The Biennale College - Hybrid is a programme devoted to the most innovative technology of today - Virtual Reality. The Biennale College – Cinema is a creative community that explores the aesthetics of micro-budget feature length filmmaking and the new integrated models of production which engage with an audience from the outset.

"Art Cinema = Action + Management" is another training activity that takes place during the Venice Film Festival. It is a residential training course for art house cinema exhibitors and professionals (cinema managers, operators, and programmers). It takes place on the campus-island of San Servolo, in Venice, Italy at the same time as the Mostra del Cinema (Venice International Film Festival) and Venice Film Market, partner of the training. The training is divided in two sessions: Juniors (at least one year experience in art house cinema exhibition) and Executives (at least 5 years' experience in cinema exhibition and/ or audiovisual sector).

Festival Scope is a platform screening films from the best film festivals. Thanks to ongoing agreements with film festivals worldwide, Festival Scope makes independent films available on-line during their festival presentation, so that they can enjoy extra visibility and promotion. More than a VOD platform, Festival Scope acts as a virtual online cinema, offering festivals and festival audiences the opportunity of online reruns of festival programming. The concept is to stick as much as possible to the festival experience, gathering a limited dedicated audience within a specific timeframe.The Venice Film Festival is one of the partner festivals and in 2018, 10-15 films from different sections will be screened on the platform during the festival period.

About Creative Europe MEDIA

The MEDIA Sub-programme of Creative Europe is designed to support European film and other audiovisual industries. It provides funding for the development, promotion and distribution of European works within Europe and beyond. It invests in the training of producers, film distributors, directors, and screenwriters to help them adapt to new technologies. Each year, MEDIA supports around 2000 European projects including films, TV series, video games, training programmes, cinemas and much more.

The European Film Forum is a structured dialogue between policy makers and stakeholders. This dialogue takes place notably during film festivals, using different formats (such as conferences, round table discussions and workshops).

More information about the Commission proposals for Creative Europe's budget in 2021-2027 can be found in this press release and factsheet.



Map / Location

Venice-Lido, Provincia di Venezia