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Third meeting of the Informal Network – Digital Services Act

On 19 December 2023, DG Connect hosted the third meeting of the Informal Network of prospective Digital Service Coordinators (DSCs).

During the meeting, DG Connect informed the Informal Network about the latest developments in the enforcement of the Digital Services Act (DSA) since the latest meeting, which took place on 21 November 2023. DG Connect also briefed the members of the network on the launch of a taskforce on age verification in mid-January 2024. The meeting also followed up the conversation in the previous meeting on the new incident response mechanism, including a presentation on the first instance of the use of the mechanism in Ireland. Finally, DG Connect also presented and chaired an exchange of views on online marketplaces, which included new coordination channels, tools for evidence exchange and an analysis of the marketplaces and their compliance with DSA rules.  

The Informal Network will hold meetings with DSCs/prospective DSCs until 17 February 2024, when the DSA comes into full effect, and all DSCs are to be designated. The next meeting of the Informal Network will take place normally in mid-January 2024


The establishment of the Informal Network follows the Recommendation of the Commission adopted on 20 October 2023 in order to discuss incident-related topics In the context of an unprecedented period of conflict and instability affecting the European Union. As the members agreed upon the request of DG Connect, other issues related to the preparedness for enforcement of the DSA are discussed as well.

Under the DSA, Member States shall designate one of their competent authorities as their Digital Services Coordinator (DSC). The DSC shall be responsible for all matters relating to the supervision and enforcement of the DSA in that Member State, and for ensuring coordination at national level in respect of those matters.