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Creative Europe MEDIA goes to Berlinale 2017

The first edition of the European Film Forum 2017 took place alongside the Berlinale. It focused on how European works can benefit from technology and was followed by a showcase event presenting projects funded by the Creative Europe MEDIA programme.

European Film Forum Berlin 2017 - Big Data, Bigger Audiences? How European works can benefit from technology

Data promises to bring about huge benefits for the Creative and Cultural sectors.This is visible in many different parts of the value chain: working with data during the creation process; optimising processes; developing new technologies; and identifying and reaching out to audiences.

Promoting the use of data and automated tools to enhance content recommendations and reach new audiences for audiovisual European works, is on the Commission’s agenda for 2017. At the European Film Forum in Berlin, policy makers and the audiovisual industry discussed how to develop enablers at the European level, but also how to enhance research and development in the field of data within the audiovisual industry.

Roberto Viola, Director-General of DG CONNECT (European Commission) opened the event with a keynote speech on Promoting the use of data and automated tools for European audiovisual worksSee full programme enclosed

The European Film Forum is a structured dialogue between policy makers and stakeholders.This dialogue takes place notably during Film Festivals, under different formats (such as conferences, roundtable discussions and workshops).

Creative Europe MEDIA Showcases - Spotlight on Uniting Film, Democracy and Technology

Film, Democracy and Technology are closely intertwined. In combination, they offer the audiovisual industry a powerful means of reaching out to society on the issues of our time. The MEDIA schowcases featured sessions on: documentaries in the age of post-truth, women in film industry, or AR/VR and interactive content.

Two new training initiatives were among the project showcased: the VR Accelerator and the Biennale College – Hybrid. The first one is a “train the talents” initiative for writers, developers and creative producers of content creation and storytelling for Virtual Reality. The VR Accelerator will explore different innovative training methods such as agile development, design thinking or rapid prototyping. The second one, the Biennale College - Hybrid aims to provide the filmmakers and creative professionals with the skills to fully engage with 360° interactive immersive future.

Live stream of the event


Creative Europe MEDIA @ Berlinale Programme

Creative Europe MEDIA @ Berlinale 2017 Programme