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Shaping Europe’s digital future
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Advancing initial stages for the transformation of Smart Communities

This procurement aims to help EU communities to increase their awareness and readiness and to scale up the deployment of Local Digital Twins.

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The Digital Europe Programme (DEP) seeks to increase the awareness and readiness of EU communities on Local Digital Twins (LDTs).

This procurement aims to help EU communities:

  • For lot 1: to develop their digitalization strategy and roadmap, identifying the required digital tools. The action will procure a first set of services to be made available to relevant supply- and demand-side stakeholder.
  • For lot 2: to prepare the procurement and deployment of the enabling digital infrastructure, in particular local data platform(s).

Economic operators interested in this call are invited to submit a tender via the electronic submission system (e-Submission) available from the TED e-Tendering website.

In order to propose the technical specifications of the LDT toolbox to be later developed and deployed (see DIGITAL work programme 2021-2022, section, this procurement needs to:

  • Increase the awareness and readiness of EU communities:
    • Develop and maintain information pages for dissemination.
    • Assist cities and communities by offering online mentoring and online training services.
    • Analyse and report about the level of the ‘digital health’ of cities and communities in the European Union using the results (data) collected by the Living-in.EU online LORDIMAS assessment tool.
    • Create and maintain a network of proximity partners at national level that supports all European communities interested in the future development of a federated European Smart Communities Data Space and a Local Digital Twins (LDT) network.
  • Scale the deployment of an enabling digital infrastructure:
    • For each interested community, help prepare a detailed digitalisation roadmap in support of the deployment or the scaling-up of an enabling digital infrastructure.
    • Provide online advisory services to assess communities’ technological readiness for implementing MIM-compliant local data platforms.
    • Provide online technical assistance to groups of communities in creating architectures for shared multi-city/community platforms.
    • Prepare templates for launching relevant procurement actions and assist a number of interested communities (up to 150) in their procurement efforts.
    • Propose and develop a certification framework scheme for MIMplus.
    • Contribute technically to establishing MIMplus compliance solutions.

To meet these goals, the deployment of the DEP requires a relevant outreach to a large spread of EU communities of geographical balance, as well as varied in size and specificity. It is expected that all EU cities and communities, in particular, signatories of the ‘Living-in.EU Declaration’, and communities from the Horizon Europe Mission on Climate Neutral and Smart Cities will benefit from this action.

Economic operators interested in this call are invited to submit a tender via the electronic submission system (e-Submission) available from the TED e-Tendering website:

Tenders are to be submitted via the electronic submission system on the TED e-tendering website

Deadline for submissions 23/1/2023 16h00 CET