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5G for Smart Communities: Shaping the Next CEF Digital Call

The CEF Digital – 5G Communities session gathered feedback to streamline the next application process.

The interactive session CEF Digital - 5G Communities: Shaping the Next Call, held on 31 May sought feedback and recommendations from the Broadband Competence Offices (BCOs) and other stakeholders involved in the application process for the first CEF digital call, which ended this April 20.

The feedback received, both general and detailed, will inform the Commission’s approach to planning the next call. Stakeholders were particularly interested in greater clarity throughout the application process, from updates to changes in timeframe, to more explicit information on grey areas such as opportunities to receive a retroactive grant.

In order to maximize the number of stakeholders completing application procedures, the following recommendations emerged to improve each step of the process:

- Application process: simplifying the application for public services or SGEI

- Application page: greater structure and organisation: the applications should have different upload zones for all the required/necessary document per partner

- Templates: provide templates that are tailored for each call

- Security Guarantee: greater clarity

If you would like to follow the discussion in detail, check out the recorded session below and the presentation slides.

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