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Factsheet on WiFi4EU

WiFi4EU provides free access to public Wi-Fi in parks, schools, public buildings, health centres throughout Europe. WiFi4EU networks are free of charge, free of data harvesting and free of advertisements. One voucher per municipality = 15,000

Banner with Ec logo and WIFi4EU emblem


Everyone! WiFi4EU gives free internet access to local residents and visitors throughout the entire EU in the main centres of community life (parks, squares, libraries, public buildings, hospitals,etc.), powering also digital services (eHealt, eTourism, eLearning and eGovernment).


  • The WiFi4EU initiative provides municipalities with the opportunity to apply for vouchers. 
  • Installations should not duplicate  existing free private or public Wi-Fi access.
  • Municipalities are free to select the Wi-Fi installation company of their choice.
  • Municipalities need to ensure that the internet access is guaranteed for at least 3years.
  • Municipalities must display the WiFi4EU visual identity in the  designated public spaces:

Visual identity for WiFi4EU hotspots

Municipalities from all participating countries have been awarded WiFi4EU vouchers. In Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Slovenia, more than 80% of the eligible municipalities have received the European Commission grant to install their WiFi4EU networks.

Wifi4EU in numbers. 4 calls for applications, 30 participating countries, 87,409 eligible municipalities, 28,880 municipalities registered in the wifi4eu portal, 8,802 wifi4eu vouchers awarded, EU 15,000 value of wifi4eu voucher