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The BCO Network Directory: a map of contacts for broadband actors

The BCO Network initiative supports leading Member States' broadband actors in order to accelerate broadband deployment for their stakeholders. These lead actors are BCOs: Broadband Competence Offices. Established at national and regional level by Member States on a voluntary basis, BCOs advise project promoters and policy makers on the legal, technological and financial challenges of broadband projects. In order to help stakeholders identify and contact their national BCOs, the BCO Network has launched a Directory mapping the national BCOs and providing direct contact details.

Map of Europe with the names of countries and some capital cities, with markers to show where each Member State's national Broadband Competence Office is. The right side of the image is taken up with a banner with the title: The BCO Network Directory: a map of contacts for broadband actors


"The BCO Network Directory": a map of contacts for broadband actors

Explore the BCO Network Directory and contact your national BCO for information on how they can support your broadband project.

For more information on Broadband Competence Offices: