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Commission hosts High-Level meeting for the upcoming EU's AI Board to Drive AI Act Implementation Forward

The first high level meeting of the upcoming AI Board took place on June 19, at the Commission's Borschette building.

Commission hosts High-Level meeting for the upcoming EU's AI Board to Drive AI Act Implementation Forward

Although still awaiting its formal entry into force of the AI Act, expected for early August, the meeting was gathered to set the groundwork for the forthcoming implementation of the AI Act.

The meeting underlined the need for early collaboration on the impending AI Act. The agenda featured discussions including:

  • strategic vision on the implementation of the AI Act and the role of the Board
  • national approaches to AI Act governance and supervision, 
  • first deliverables and priorities related to the AI Act's implementation by the European Commission 
  • organisation of the Board, such as its mandate, the process for selecting a Chair, decision making process and the creation of sub-groups. 

Along with delegates from the European Commission including Director-General Roberto Viola, Director of the AI Office Lucilla Sioli and representatives of the AI Office, high-level delegates from all EU Member States were present. The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) attended in its observer role on the AI Board. Moreover, representatives from EEA/EFTA members—Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland—were also present in an observing capacity.

With the timing of the meeting the Commission and Member States aim to ensure a robust and timely setup for the AI governance framework, facilitating effective participation of Member States and implementation of the AI Act from day one. The next meeting will be held after the AI Act’s entry into force, in the early Autumn. 

For more information check the European AI Office webpage.

The key provisions related to the establishment and tasks of the AI Board are Article 65 and 66 of the AI Act. You can check these and other articles on The AI Act (Corrigendum; Final text after revisions by lawyer-linguists) (pdf).