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EU deploys first quantum technology in six sites across Europe

The European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) has announced the selection of six sites that will host the first European quantum computers: in Czechia, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and Poland.

slide showing a woman pointing at a model of subatomic particles with text Euro HPC Joint Undertaking - First EU Quantum computer sites Czechia France Germany Italy Poland Spain

European Commission

They will be integrated on site into existing supercomputers, and will form a wide network across Europe. The total planned investment is over €100 million, half of which comes from the EU and the other half from the 17 countries participating in the EuroHPC JU. Academic researchers and the industry, no matter where in Europe they are located, will be able to access these six quantum computers based on state-of-the-art European technology.

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