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The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition announces the relaunch of the Pledge viewer and calls for new pledges

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition has upgraded its tool for searching, making and updating pledges. It is now easier for organisations to take action and make a pledge to provide digital skills training for Europeans.

New Pledgeviewer

European Commission

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition announces the relaunch of the Pledge viewer and calls for new pledges

While today 90% of jobs require some level of digital skills, we still face the challenge that 42% of Europeans do not even have basic digital skills. To make the digital transformation more inclusive, digital skills sit at the heart of the Commission strategy for shaping Europe’s digital future. Digital skills will also be key to the implementation of the EU strategies for Data, Artificial Intelligence, SMEs, Industry, the reinforced Skills Agenda and the Digital Education Action Plan.

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition encourages companies and other organisations to join the collective action and make a pledge to equip Europeans with the skills needed for the digital age.

New Pledge viewer

The updated Pledge Viewer includes many new features that improve the user experience and facilitates the creation and management of new pledges. It will allow stakeholders from across Europe to:

  • Explore, compare and be inspired by pledges, thanks to an upgraded system of key performance indicators and dashboards;
  • Create their own pledge, show and monitor their commitment to tackle the digital skills gap in Europe;
  • Update their own pledges and receive badges rewarding their effort to improve digital skills across Europe.

It is also easier for anyone to search and navigate through the pledges, discover successful initiatives, and be inspired.

Make a pledge

Organisations across Europe are invited to join other pioneers and the European Commission in taking action by making a pledge to:

  • Enable the labour force – current employees or job seekers – to upskilling or reskilling;
  • Equip SMEs with in-demand skills, to be able to benefit from advanced technologies such as cybersecurity, data analytics and others;
  • Supply teachers and learners with the knowledge and tools for digital education;
  • Provide digital traineeships in all sectors to recent graduates;
  • Support digital inclusion and promotion of digital skills for all.

Why pledge?

By making a pledge your organisation will:

  • Contribute to your own organisational growth and development by improving the digital capacity of the labour force in your ecosystem;
  • Increase the digital skills talent pool now and in the future;
  • Be recognised as digital skills leaders in your industry and as change-makers across the EU.

Prospective pledgers can request help and guidance from the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Secretariat



The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition is a unique community supported by the European Commission that:

  • Enables stakeholders to propose actions, programmes, initiatives to improve the digital skills situation in Europe;
  • Offers a platform of exchange to learn from peers and to showcase actions, initiatives developed and their impact;
  • Helps to join forces to pave the way for a strong and inclusive digital Europe.

Any such organisation, be it an SME or corporate, an education provider, a social partner, or non-governmental organisation is encouraged to become a member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition: join here.

Since 2016, members of Coalition have made pledges to tackle the digital skills gap and taken action to provide skills training, job placements, certifications and other activities addressing four target groups: citizens, the labour force, ICT Specialists and digital skills ineducation. Over 80 organisations from 18 countries have made 104 pledges to date, offering millions of trainings and awareness activities to raise the level of digital skills amongst Europeans. 

23 EU countries have already set up National Coalitions, with a further three in preparation, to address digital skills challenges at local level.

Later this year, the Commission will launch the Digital Skill and Jobs Platform, a one-stop-shop to connect all digital skills initiatives across Europe which will also link National Coalitions and provide greater visibility to initiatives implemented across Europe, including pledges.