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Stars4Media selects five outstanding initiatives supporting Media Freedom and Pluralism

The project, run by a consortium of media professionals and experts, supports innovation in the media sector, through training and cross-border cooperation. For this first Stars4Media edition, from 41 applications, jury members selected earlier this year 21 initiatives, involving 105 media professionals from 42 media outlets in 17 countries.

The five Stars4Media outstanding initiatives are:

  • Trust Prize: “Wounds of Europe”, developed by Linkiesta (IT) and Bulle Media (BE) for their Podcast series Oltre l’Europa focusing on six national conflicts, based on data journalism and historical research. 
  • Cross-border cooperation Prize: “On the run from the past”, by Centro di Giornalismo Permanente (IT), StreetPress (FR), El Salto (ES), which is a cross border investigation collecting stories of citizens who disappeared during the time of southern American dictatorships and found refuge in Europe. More information can be found in this article of El Salto (Spanish) and  this article of Street Press  (French). 
  • ·Data Prize: “Visual journalism without constraints”, by Frameright (FI) and EFE (ES), is enabling content creators to know what they publish and how the content is being shown to the public. Learn more here: What we learned during Stars4Media 2020.
  •  Diversity Prize: “Black City Stories”, developed by 3 freelancers (IT, DE, PT), is a solution-oriented media platform dedicated to Black People living in Europe, investigating in-depth Black Lived Experiences. More info on the Black City Stories website
  • Reacting to the Coronavirus Prize: “The summer of 2020”, led by 5 freelancers (BE, NL, DE), a cross-border collaboration of journalists reporting on the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic in the European Union during the summer of 2020. Discover it here: First trip (in Dutch).