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European procurement cooperation delivers more powerful and energy efficient supercomputers

In 2018, leading supercomputing centres (FR, IT, DE, ES) coordinated for the first time their roadmaps to procure more powerful and energy efficient High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions, including innovations from two pre-commercial procurements they had undertaken together in 2014/18. The good collaboration paved the way in 2018 for starting the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking, a EUR 1 billion joint procurement cooperation and also a R&D co-investment cooperation that underpins Europe's future HPC ecosystem.

Picture of room with supercomputing servers

High Performance Computing (HPC) is of vital importance for applications that require large computing power in areas like including cybersecurity, energy, climate change and healthcare, as it makes it possible to develop, test and implement particularly complex applications on very large datasets. 

Read the full story of how leading supercomputing centers around Europe joined forces over the past years to form a lasting procurement cooperation that aims to put Europe at the forefront of High Performance Computing.


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