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eArchiving - Data producers

Learn how you can apply international standards and specifications to your data, to be able to preserve and reuse it long-term.


1. Get familiar with legislation and standards

Since there is no European Union Directive that governs digital archiving, you should start by checking how local legal obligations are regulating archiving activities in your Member State. What we provide are documentation and support services based on international standards to help you describe, transmit and preserve digital information. The main standard for digital archiving is the Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS): ISO 14721:2012.

2. Determine needs and requirements for digital archiving

In addition to requirements deriving from legal obligations, gather business needs from the end users and translate them into further requirements for your eArchiving application.

3. Define your digital archiving plan

Based on gathered requirements, define what digital information to keep, for how long and who can access it. Study your business's document workflow and identify where archiving should take place.

The E-ARK Knowledge Centre provides a comprehensive set of services that allow users to understand, contribute and validate good practices relating to information governance.

4. Decide how to enable digital archiving

With your archives, decide whether to develop your own application, buy software from an external provider or use existing components, such as eArchiving, to put together a digital archiving solution. eArchiving offers both mix and match components, as well as end-to-end solutions. Consider the benefits of going digital with eArchiving.

5. Implement, integrate and test your solution

These steps will all be done by your repository owner. If you decided to develop your own application, you can use our technical specifications to ensure it conforms to standards. If you want to use an existing solution, we provide eArchiving sample software.

6. Archive and retrieve data

Once you have started to archive digital information with eArchiving, you can always retrieve digital information with the E-ARK Platform UI.

The eArchiving Service Desk is open for your questions, comments, incidents and change requests at any point before, during or after implementation.

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