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History of eArchiving

History of eArchiving

The eArchiving initiative is based on the outcomes of the E-ARK project (2014 - 2017) and the eArchiving Building Block (2018-2021). The project, which involved a number of European national archives, e-government agencies, digital preservation software developers and research institutions, aimed to synthesise best-practices from across Europe and develop a core set of interoperability specifications for archival operations.

The project also updated a number of archival software components to meet the specifications, and carried out a number of operational pilots to verify the cross-border validity and interoperability of the specifications. After the successful conclusion of the E-ARK project in 2017, the European Commission included its outcomes into the CEF programme to become the basis of the eArchiving Building Block.

Within CEF the initial specifications and open-source software components were enriched with training, implementation guidance services, service desk etc..

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eArchiving - provides core specifications, software, training and knowledge to help people store information for longer.

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