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IoT Week 2022: Future European Platforms for the Edge

At this year’s edition of IoT Week in Dublin, the European Commission will announce a new cluster of meta-operating system projects to be funded under the Horizon Europe programme.

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IoT Week 2022 will hold various conference sessions on topics such as data spaces, industrial platforms and standardisation, notably an afternoon session dedicated to the launch of a new cluster of projects on Future European Platforms for IoT and the Edge: Meta-Operating Systems, which will target the next generation of higher-level operating systems for the smart IoT with strong computing capacity at the edge, embedded in a computing continuum, from IoT-to-edge-to-cloud.

Receiving €58 million in EU funding, these Horizon Europe Cluster 4 projects will strengthen European supply and value chains in cloud and edge computing by integrating elements of 5G connectivity, the Internet of Things, AI and cybersecurity. The 6 selected projects will exploit new computing and virtualisation paradigms, building on established cloud concepts and targeting down-scaling application-agnostic computing principles to a novel edge infrastructure.

The session is set to take place on Wednesday 22 June at 17:15 GMT.

Commission representatives will also participate in other relevant sessions, such as Ontologies in the context of the EU Green Deal, Cross Atlantic Perspectives: Collaboration between European Commission and US NSF on Fundamental Research on New Concepts for Distributed Computing and Swarm Intelligence, and the Challenges for IoT and Edge Computing for European Industry.


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