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European Commission Big Data tool helps European Blood Alliance investigate COVID-19 convalescent plasma therapy

The European Blood Alliance (EBA) has worked together with the European Commission to create and manage an EU-wide, open-access platform gathering data on COVID-19 convalescent plasma therapy.

As every country entered the race to find a cure to COVID-19, recent findings suggest that antibodies in the blood of recovered patients could be used for convalescent plasma therapy in the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

The European Blood Alliance (EBA) was working together with the European Commission (DG SANTE, DG CNECT and DG DIGIT) to create and manage an EU-wide, open-access platform gathering data on COVID-19 convalescent plasma therapy. This project aimed to support research on this promising treatment for COVID-19 patients by consolidating EU evidence and providing actionable, data-driven insights into the therapy's safety and effectiveness. 

How has BDTI helped?

The European Commission interconnects Europe's national digital landscapes through digital infrastructure.

The Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI) helped public administrations and projects led by the public sector improve the citizen experience, increase government efficiency and boost business through big data.

BDTI provided the EBA and DG SANTE with a ready-to-use, virtual environment capable of gathering and analysing data from various blood establishments, hospitals, clinical trials and wider monitored use of the therapy. This included data on convalescent plasma donors, the plasma collection process, plasma components such as antibodies and outcomes for patients following transfusions. 

By identifying and analysing information relevant to the processes of plasma donation and transfusions from the vast amount of data provided by hospitals and blood services taking part, this project helped to develop effective, safe and data-driven approaches to convalescent plasma therapy. An open-access database supported researchers' data analysis as they worked towards developing this new treatment and a better understanding of COVID-19 and could save many lives in the future. 

BDTI against COVID-19

BDTI supported hospitals and municipalities in fighting COVID-19, with already a number of pilot requests received on this topic.