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For a data-informed public sector: Big Data Test Infrastructure

The Commission’s Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI) supports public administrations to experiment with public sector data for free in the cloud.

    evocation of data files in the cloud

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The BDTI is a ready-to-use, free of charge, analytics cloud stack for the public sector offered to all European public administrations to experiment with open-source tools and foster the re-use of public sector data for a data-informed public sector.

Are you looking for data playground? Your organisation could be next! 

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Offered by the European Commission and part of the Digital Europe Programme (DEP), the BDTI has already helped public sector entities to:

  • Optimise public procurement procedures in Norway
  • Derive insights about mobility to redesign services in Italy
  • Support clinicians by extracting knowledge from articles in Spain
  • Help the European Blood Alliance to investigate therapy efficiency for COVID-19

Are you interested in learning more about these use cases? Read our success stories below.

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Sucess stories

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