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Commission increases support for journalism partnerships

The Commission has published a €10 million call for journalism partnerships – an increase of €3 million compared to 2021 and 2022 – to be financed through Creative Europe.

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Half of the grants will follow the logic of previous calls and support cross-border collaboration among news media professionals in Europe, helping the wider European news media sector become more sustainable and resilient. For the first time, the other half will be dedicated to organisations that offer grants for public interest journalism and sectors that are of special relevance to democracy. In doing so, the Commission wishes to strengthen sectors such as local and regional mediacommunity media and investigative journalism, which face particularly adverse economic conditions.

Together with other policy initiatives such as the European Media Freedom Act, this should help boost media pluralism and nurture public debate across Europe. Organisations active in media can apply to this call until 27 April 2023.

Examples of ongoing journalism partnerships projects are accessible, and information on EU support to media is available.


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