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Journalism Partnerships

The Commission continues to support the resilience of the news media sector with a third call for Journalism Partnerships. This year, the scope of the financing has been enlarged with a second action and the budget has been increased to €10 million.

This year’s Journalism Partnerships call for proposals is composed of two actions: a first one to increase collaborations between media by stimulating innovation in business models and in editorial processes, and a second one to support media pluralism and media of  particular relevance to democracy and civic participation.

First action: collaborations

Half of the budget will follow the logic of previous calls and support cross-border collaboration among news media organisations in Europe, to work on business model transformation and/or journalistic projects with full editorial independence. Consortia may choose to focus on a news media (sub)sector (radio, TV, digital media, print, magazine, etc.) and/or a specific journalistic genre. Projects should enhance cooperation and can for example focus on developing technical and editorial standards, testing new business models, new types of newsrooms and journalistic formats, and sharing best practices among peers (e.g. through training and events). Ultimately, projects should also benefit other outlets on the market, including small media.. The proposed activities should be clearly presented and justified, and should be based on the needs of the chosen (sub)sector(s).

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Second action: pluralism

As a novelty, the other half of the budget will be dedicated to organisations offering grants to media of particular relevance to democracy and civic participation, in particular:

  • local and regional media,
  • independent and investigative journalism,
  • organisations delivering public interest news/public service journalism, such as community, legal and civic journalism and media, or news increasing transparency about the media.

In doing so, the Commission wishes to strengthen media genres such as local and regional media, community media and investigative journalism, which face particularly adverse economic conditions.

In addition to grants, projects can also offer trainings and/or develop other measures that benefit their chosen sector/s, such as the development of deontological standards, criteria and indicators to frame support, etc…

  • Proposals can be submitted by consortia or single organisations (such as non-profit organisations, but not exclusively).
  • The EU would finance 90% of the cost of projects, and the maximum individual grant amount is €3 million.
  • All projects should last 24 months.

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