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Digital Markets Act: Commission creates High-Level Group to provide advice and expertise in implementation

The European Commission has adopted a decision to establish a High-Level Group on the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

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In line with the requirements in the DMA, this group will be composed of 30 representatives nominated from the Body of the European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC), the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) and European Data Protection Board, the European Competition Network (ECN), the Consumer Protection Cooperation Network (CPC Network), and the European Regulatory Group of Audiovisual Media Regulators (ERGA).

This High-Level Group may provide the Commission with advice and expertise to ensure that the DMA and other sectoral regulations applicable to gatekeepers are implemented in a coherent and complementary manner. It may also provide expertise in market investigations into emerging services and practices, to help ensure that the DMA is future-proof. The High-Level Group will have a mandate of two years and will meet at least once per year.

The DMA is a piece of the new EU digital regulatory framework. The DMA specifically applies to online platforms designated as ‘gatekeepers' which are large digital platforms acting as important gateways between business users and consumers. To address these issues, the DMA defines a series of obligations they will need to respect, including prohibiting gatekeepers from engaging in certain behaviour. It entered into force on 1 November 2022 and will apply from 2 May 2023.