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EU register of recognised data altruism organisations

This EU register of recognised data altruism organisations has been established in the framework of the Data Governance Act (DGA), a key pillar of the European strategy for data.

The DGA creates the right conditions for individuals and companies that when they share their data voluntarily for the benefit of society, it will be handled by trusted organisations based on EU values and principles. These organisations that make relevant data available based on data altruism will be able to register as ‘data altruism organisations recognised in the Union’.

These entities must have a not-for-profit character and meet transparency requirements as well as offer specific safeguards to protect the rights and interests of citizens and companies who share their data. In addition, they must comply with the rulebook which will lay down information requirements, technical and security requirements, communication roadmaps and recommendations on interoperability standards. The rulebook will be developed by the Commission, in close cooperation with data altruism organisations and other relevant stakeholders.

Individuals and companies now have the tools to give their consent or permission to make their generated data available – voluntarily and without reward – to be used for objectives of general interest. Such data has enormous potential to advance research and develop better products and services, including in the fields of health, environment, and mobility. 

This page maintains a public register of all recognised data altruism organisations offering their services in the European Union.

Member States will notify the Commission as and when data altruism organisations are registered. The Member States should use this form.

Recognised data altruism organisations notified by Member States

The list below indicates the countries where the data altruism organisations are registered:

The map shows in which countries the data altruism organisations provide their services:



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