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Digitising industry

The European Commission is supporting businesses across Europe adapt to the digital world by coordinating initiatives, focusing investments, and boosting skills.

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Digital technologies are driving a new industrial revolution. As industries move into the digital world, the opportunities for growth and jobs are increasing.

The European Commission wants to ensure businesses can make the most of these opportunities. However, it must also help businesses address the challenges brought by the move to the digital world. These challenges include an increase in global competition, a change in skills needed in the workforce, and differences in the speed of digitisation across sectors, businesses and regions of Europe.

The Commission identified four strands to focus on to unlock the full potential of this new industrial revolution:

  1. digital innovations for all: Digital Innovation Hubs
  2. strengthening leadership through partnerships and industrial platforms
  3. a regulatory framework for the digital age
  4. preparing Europeans for the digital future

The Commission's plan for industry not only supports businesses but makes life better for people and the environment. It is supporting projects that allow EU citizens to control energy use through smart appliances, and that develop self-driving, connected cars.

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Supporting industry

The EU supports businesses across Europe adapt to the digital world.

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