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Fibre-to-the-home project in Finland supported by the Connecting Europe Broadband Fund

The Connecting Europe Broadband Fund has initially invested EUR 14 million in a greenfield fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) project operated by Fibernet in Finland.

Image of a network rack with fibre cables

Kirill Sh., Unsplash

The project will provide full fibre broadband to 41,000 premises within three years, reaching 6 municipalities in semi-urban and rural communities in Finland.

Connecting Europe Broadband Fund (CEBF) will initially invest circa EUR 14 million in the first phase of the promising fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) project in Finland operated by Fibernet, a new wholesale FTTH operator. The project, CEBF’s ninth investment in Europe and first in Finland, will involve the deployment of state-of-the-art FTTH infrastructure to connect semi-urban and rural communities in Finland, in line with CEBF’s mission to enhance connectivity for households and businesses across Europe.

Fibernet plans to cover circa 6 municipalities with its transmission infrastructure and provide full fibre broadband to 41,000 premises within three years. Fibernet has a strong local management team and support from municipalities in target areas. In addition, the company has a partnership with Ociusnet Group, an established Sweden-based professional services and turn-key telecom contractor specialising in the planning and construction of FTTx networks.

Janne Ahola, CEO of Fibernet: “We are extremely pleased about CEBF’s investment in our project. We have already built a stable footprint and now, thanks to our cooperation with Cube and Ociusnet , we have a great possibility to bring fibre broadband to thousands of households in Finland.”