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Shaping Europe’s digital future


The European Commission has launched various flagships to address the major science and technology challenges and boost innovation in the EU.

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Flagships refer to long-term and large-scale research initiatives, paving the way with an ambitious vision. The EU’s flagships in digital focus on future and emerging technologies and run for around 10 years. They mobilise researchers, academics, industry and national programmes to tackle major challenges in science and technology. The result can bring positive changes that benefit society and the economy, and advance EU leadership in technology and industry. 

Current flagships

Battery 2030+

The Battery 2030+ initiative aims to develop high-performance, safe and sustainable batteries. This would put Europe in the lead of batter development across Europe.

Graphene flagship

The graphene flagship focuses on taking graphene and related two-dimensional materials and applying them in European technology. By finding new uses for these materials, the flagship can help to stimulate economic growth, create new jobs and improve society. 

Human brain project flagship

The human brain project flagship mobilises neuroscientists, computer and robotics experts. It supports our understanding of the human brain. It also improves knowledge about neurological diseases and helps to advance medicine. 

Quantum technologies flagship

The quantum technologies flagship aims to accelerate the development and uptake of quantum technologies. It will place Europe in a leadership position for the second quantum revolution. 

Funding and support

Together, these flagships receive over €1 billion  through the EU framework programmes for research and innovation and EU countries. 

EU countries and association countries organise their support through dedicated networks of local funding initiatives:

•    FLAG-ERA: The European Research Area Network Coordinating National and Regional Funding for the Future and Emerging Technology Flagship

•    QUANT-ERA: European Research Area Network (ERA-NET) Cofund Programme in the field of quantum technologies.

As well as these networks, there is a board of funders. This facilitates cooperation between the European Commission, EU countries, and associated countries. 

Factsheets and brochures on flagships

Innovative Applications in Graphene and 2D Materials

A collection of success stories on the use of graphene has recently been published. They present some of the applications of this exceptional material, from biomedicine to space, passing through optoelectronic communication systems, the next generation of wearable sensors and energy storage.

A guide to ICT-related activities in Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-20

The last phase of Horizon 2020, the EU's Research and Innovation programme, has been launched. Roughly EUR 6 billion out of the overall budget of EUR 30 billion will be spent on research and innovations in the ICT sector. ICT is present in many of the Horizon 2020 areas. This guide is designed to help potential proposers find ICT-related topics across the different parts of H2020 in work programme 2018-20.

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