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Quantum Technologies Flagship

The Quantum Technologies Flagship is a long-term research and innovation initiative that aims to put Europe at the forefront of the second quantum revolution.

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The Quantum Technologies Flagship aims to support the work of hundreds of quantum researchers over 10 years, with an expected budget of €1 billion from the EU. Following the Quantum Manifesto in 2016, the flagship launched in 2018, bringing together research institutions, and industry and public funders, consolidating and expanding European scientific leadership and excellence in quantum technologies. Its goal is to support the transformation of European research into commercial applications that make full use of the disruptive potential of quantum.

In the flagship’s ramp-up phase (October 2018-September 2021), its overall budget is €152 million, for a total of 24 projects. It is funding projects in four core application areas:

  • quantum computing
  • quantum simulation
  • quantum communication
  • quantum metrology and sensing

It also funds research into the basic science behind quantum technologies, as well as education and international cooperation activities in quantum technologies.

To mark the mid-point of the flagship's ramp-up phase, a report (.pdf) was published with details of its achievements in its first eighteen months of activities.

Two prominent projects developed during the Flagship’s first phase are:

  • OpenSuperQ a quantum computer system of globally competitive performance based on integrated electric circuits made from superconducting metals, which will be soon made available at Forschungszentrum Jülich (DE).
  • AQTION a first-of-its-kind trapped ion system. One of the most notable features of this system is that it's powered from a single wall-mounted plug, and with an an extremely low power consumption of 1.5 kW, it uses the same amount of energy needed to boil a kettle.

The next phase of the Quantum Flagship (funded under Horizon Europe) has started. It consolidates and expands European research leadership in quantum technologies and brings research results closer to industrial exploitation. Digital Europe Programme will provide additional linked funding to quantum technologies for the development and reinforcement of Europe’s strategic digital capacities.

The flagship’s research goals are shaped by its Strategic Research Agenda on Quantum technologies, to which over 2,000 European quantum experts contributed. Its long-term vision is to develop in Europe a so-called quantum internet, where quantum computers, simulators and sensors are interconnected via quantum communication networks.



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