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Workshop - Study on assessing the efficiency of radio spectrum award processes in the Member States, including the effects of applying the European Electronic Communications Code

The workshop will discuss the findings of the study, which aims to provide research and analysis results relating to how the (divergent) conditions attached to rights of use during radio spectrum awards processes in the Member States have affected the roll out of 5G networks.

The workshop is open to all interested public and private stakeholders in radio spectrum, including inter alia, telecom operators, national authorities in charge of telecom and spectrum policy and regulation, as well as sector representatives.

The study is commissioned by the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology (DG CNECT) with the consortium of LS Telcom AG and its subcontractors Policy Tracker Publishing Ltd and VVA Brussels Sprl and should  provide input into the discussions and the process of Peer Reviews in the RSPG, to inform Member States and the Commission about what went well and what could be improved through specific action at national level or better coordination the at EU level.

The feedback collected during the workshop will be helpful to validate and strengthen the analysis and conclusions and to validate the results.

The sessions will concentrate on topics such as:

  • the main characteristics of spectrum awards in the EU Member States;
  • factors affecting 4G/5G deployment;
  • comparison of best practices identified in the EU Connectivity Toolbox;
  • spectrum authorisation regimes in place to promote wireless connectivity investment;
  • fragmentation of spectrum assignments and licensing conditions in the EU;
  • comparative elements with non-EU markets.

For more information the agenda is now available.

Interested parties can pre-register via this link. However, registration is not a pre-requisite to follow as the workshop will be streamed via this Zoom link on 6 October from 10.00-16.00 CEST.

The outcome of the workshop is now available.