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Data Act: Commission welcomes political agreement on rules for a fair and innovative data economy

The Commission welcomes the political agreement reached this week between the European Parliament and the Council of the EU, on the European Data Act, proposed by the Commission in February 2022.

graphic showing different symbols relating to online information (magnifying glass to represent a search, a wifi sign, an @ sign, a mobile phone) and a finger pointing to a hexagone with data written in it

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Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution fuels exponential growth with projected data volume set to skyrocket in the coming years. A significant amount of industrial data remains unused and brimming with unrealised possibilities.

The Data Act aims to boost the EU's data economy by unlocking industrial data, optimising its accessibility and use, and fostering a competitive and reliable European cloud market. It seeks to ensure that the benefits of the digital revolution are shared by everyone.

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