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Digital Markets Act: rules for digital gatekeepers to ensure open markets enter into force

On the 1 November, the EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) will enter into force. The new Regulation will put an end to unfair practices by companies that act as gatekeepers in the online platform economy.

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The DMA defines when a large online platform qualifies as a “gatekeeper”.These are digital platforms that provide an important gateway between business users and consumers – whose position can grant them the power to act as a private rule maker, and thus creating a bottleneck in the digital economy. To address these issues, the DMA will define a series of obligations they will need to respect, including prohibiting gatekeepers from engaging in certain behaviours.

Executive Vice-President for a Europe Fit for the Digital Age, Margrethe Vestager, said: 

The DMA will change the digital landscape profoundly. With it, the EU is taking a pro-active approach to ensuring fair, transparent and contestable digital markets. A small number of large companies hold significant market power in their hands. Gatekeepers enjoying an entrenched position in digital markets will have to show that they are competing fairly. We invite all potential gatekeepers, their competitors or consumer organisations, to come and talk to us about how to best implement the DMA.   

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