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European Digital Identity: Online consultation platform on European Digital Identity Wallets

The Commission has launched an online platform to gather feedback from interested parties to shape future European Digital Identity Wallets.

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On 3 June 2021, the Commission proposed a trusted and secure digital identity for all Europeans, including digital identity wallets. These personal digital wallets will enable citizens to digitally identify themselves, store and manage identity data as well as official documents in electronic format. This may include a driving license, medical prescriptions or diplomas. Thanks to this wallet, citizens will be able to prove their identity when necessary to access online services, share digital documents or simply prove a specific personal attribute, such as age, without revealing their identity or any other personal details not necessary for the transaction in question. Citizens will have full control of the data they share at all times, and the use of the wallet will be completely voluntary.

To ensure that the European Digital Identity becomes a reality quickly, the Commission has called on Member States to work on a toolbox that would address the technical aspects of the future system, in full respect of the legislative discussions in the Parliament and the Council, which are taking place in parallel, and in alignment with their outcome. This common toolbox is expected in September 2022. The online platform launched today will remain open to comments throughout the legislative negotiations and work on the toolbox, to make European Digital Identity Wallets a practical tool for all.

Access to the online platform