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Job opportunities at the European AI Office

The Commission has opened two calls for expression of interest to recruit new members for the European AI Office. Apply now as technology specialist or administrative assistant for a unique opportunity to shape trustworthy AI.

Job opportunities at the European AI Office

The European AI Office launched its first job opportunities. As the EU centre of AI expertise, the European AI Office will play a key role in implementing the AI Act - especially for general-purpose AI - foster the development and use of trustworthy AI, and international cooperation. In this first hiring round, we are looking for technology specialists and administrative assistants.  

The deadline for expression of interest is 27 March 2024 at 12:00 CET. You can express your interest via the respective application form for technology specialists and administrative assistants

Working with us presents a unique and thrilling opportunity for passionate individuals to contribute significantly to shaping trustworthy AI in Europe and beyond. We will be implementing the AI Act as the world’s first-ever comprehensive legal framework on AI, working towards a global approach to trustworthy AI. The AI Office stands at the forefront of global AI policy and innovation, established within the European Commission, as part of DG CONNECT. 

Technology specialists, hired as Contract Agents in Function Group IV, will play a pivotal role in enforcing and supervising new rules for general-purpose AI models. The new colleagues will actively contribute to the development of state-of-the-art codes of practice to detail out the relevant rules. In parallel, they will also work on tools, methodologies and benchmarks for evaluating capabilities and reach of general-purpose AI models, and for classifying models with systemic risks. Technical expertise will be valuable across topics, especially in executing the technical model assessments and evaluations, carrying out investigations, and monitoring the general-purpose AI ecosystem, technological and market developments, and the emergence of risks. Engagement with relevant stakeholders and the scientific community allows to gather knowledge and evidence to support the application of the AI Act, amongst other tasks.  

This profile includes research scientists, computer scientists, software and data engineers, hardware specialists, and other technical staff. Proven technical experience in AI is required. This comprises, for example, machine learning, deep learning frameworks, ethics and privacy, safety and (cyber)security. Experience in model testing and evaluation, and in advanced AI, including model alignment, biases, misinformation and red teaming would be a strong asset. 

Administrative assistants, hired as Contract Agents in Function Group III, would be responsible for supporting the operations and enforcement tasks of the AI Office, to keep office administration, procedures and operations running smoothly. Specifically, this includes coordinating engagements with Member State representatives, experts and stakeholders, planning events and workshops, management of digital platforms for collaboration and the envisaged central data base for high-risk AI systems, overseeing procurement processes and some financial operations, ensuring prompt responses to inquiries and documentation of high-level meetings. The successful candidate should have concrete experience in the tasks described above. This should be complemented with an interest in the field of Artificial Intelligence. 

Next to other eligibility criteria, applicants must be a citizen of a Member State of the EU. The initial duration of contract is one year, with the possibility to extend it up to 6 years in total.  

Interviews will be held in late spring. The start of employment could tentatively be expected from Autumn 2024.  

You can get in touch with the European AI Office for inquiries related to job opportunities here:   

The AI Office will also be recruiting talents with backgrounds in policy and legal work at a later stage. External experts and stakeholders will have the chance to join dedicated fora, and to support the work of the AI Office, through a separate call for expression of interest. You can sign up to receive updates from the AI Office

For more Information check the vacancies in the EPSO website:

You can watch the recording of the After-work event for tech talent. We presented the work of the European AI Office and the job opportunities. This includes information on the mission and technical tasks of the AI Office, the contracts offered, salary, benefits, remote work, applications from candidates with senior-level experience, opportunities for publishing papers and attending conferences. More questions were answered in the Q&A.