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Digitisation of the European Agricultural Sector: Activities in Horizon 2020

Through Horizon 2020, more than €200 million for Research and Innovation (R&I) were allocated to the deployment of digital technologies for the agricultural sector.


FUTURIS. Precision Farming - targeting resources to save on cost and benefit animal welfare


The following two examples illustrate these activities:

  • More than €75 million was invested in robotics for agriculture alone: one Robotics Digital Innovation Hub (DIH), three large-scale pilots, and additional R&I projects. Agri-food is one of the four prioritised application areas of the robotics programme in H2020: the largest civil funding programme on robotics in the world.
  • Nearly €80 million was invested in IoT and digital platforms deployment: three pilots and a network of DIHs received a total of €80 million for research into deploying digital technologies in agriculture. These are IoF2020, DEMETER, ATLAS and SmartAgriHubs.

A map to show the use cases by sector carried out by the large-scale pilot IoF2020.

IoF2020 project summary.

ATLAS project summary.


A graphic to show the interoperability network used by ATLAS to interconnect and establish a flow between digital tools and agricultural equipment.

DEMETER project summary.

DEMETER project summary covering partnerships, funding, piloting, outreach, and open calls.

SmartAgriHubs project summary.

SmartAgriHubs project summary covering its impact, experiments, sectors, open calls, and ecosystem.

AI precision farming and Robotics

AgRoBofood project summary.

A map to show the stakeholders involved in AgRoBofood’s European network.

ROMI project summary.

A graphic to show the interoperability network used by the ROMI project.

PANTHEON project summary

Examples of precision farming used by the PANTHEON project.

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