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Creative Europe MEDIA — Supporting audience development for European audiovisual content

The MEDIA programme will support innovative ways of engaging with audience at all levels to ensure the widest audience for European audiovisual works.

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The COVID-19 crisis has dramatically affected the viewing habits of European audiences. The progressive shift from cinema to platforms that the sector has witnessed in the last year was accelerated due to the closure of cinemas theatres during lockdowns in most Member States. The challenge for the sector now is to maximise the opportunities in terms of audience outreach of the digital transition.

The objective of the audience cluster is to connect European audiovisual works with their audiences and to support audience development across Europe and beyond.

The calls for proposals for support in 2023 under the audience cluster are:

  • Audience development & film education  to stimulate the interest of audiences, in particular young audiences, in European films and audiovisual works. Cooperation between film institutions and online platforms will be encouraged. Supported projects should have a pan-European audience reach. Activities to be funded shall include audience oriented events and innovative audience development or cross-border film education initiatives.
  • Films on the move  to increase the circulation of European works and widen their pan-European audience by supporting theatrical and online distribution of non-national European films. Support will focus on pan-European distribution strategies coordinated by European companies for the distribution of European films with a focus on emerging talents and films for new audiences.
  • European Festivals  to promote the circulation of European non-national works, foster cultural diversity and increase audience outreach for European audiovisual works.
  • Subtitling of cultural content to increase the circulation of the European cultural programming across Europe. This action will support the provision of subtitles covering content in at least 3 languages on diverse European cultural content. It shall also aim at guaranteeing the online dissemination of this subtitled content.

Latest News

European Film Sales

European Film Sales under Creative Europe MEDIA aims to foster the sales of European audiovisual works outside their national territories. This support is targeted towards established companies and acts as an incentive to promote the circulation of European works and increase their commercial potential.

European mini-slate development

European mini-slate development under Creative Europe MEDIA aims to respond to the specific need of producers from lower capacity countries to ensure increased investment in quality works. By encouraging a limited portfolio approach (2 to 3 works) this support takes into account the size and specificities of their markets by offering a pathway to scale up, develop business strategies, invest in creativity and increase production capacity.

European Film Distribution

European Film Distribution under Creative Europe MEDIA aims to foster the capacity of distributors to invest in the promotion of non-national European works. The support is targeted towards established companies and acts as an incentive to better promote European non-national films by mitigating the commercial risk that such films can have.

European co-development

European Co-development under Creative Europe MEDIA to enable scaling up of projects and allow producers from different countries to start working together at development phase, with an expected increase of the quality and market potential of the final works. Cooperation amongst producers from different territory sizes and linguistic areas will be encouraged, to contribute to a more level playing field, foster talent, wherever it comes from, thereby preserving and stimulating cultural diversity.

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Creative Europe MEDIA Programme

The MEDIA strand of the Creative Europe programme is designed to support European film and other audiovisual industries.

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