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Creative Europe MEDIA — Supporting business innovation in audiovisual

The MEDIA programme will support the audiovisual sector to create a business environment that can scale up the industry’s capacity at European level.

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This cluster of measures under the MEDIA programme promotes business innovation, scalability and talents across the value chain. Specific groups driving the internationalisation of the sector – such as distributors and sales agents – and key market and networking initiatives will receive targeted support, with a view to strengthening the cross-border collaboration, learning and knowledge-sharing which allow the industry to grow beyond its national territories. 

The calls for proposals for support in 2023 under the business cluster are:

  • Innovative tools and business models to improve the visibility and availability of European works and increase audiences in the digital environment. Projects will focus on the specific challenges of the audiovisual sector such as discoverability, sequencing of release windows, financing and territoriality.  Support will also be given to tools for greening of the industry. 
  • European Film Sales to foster the sales of European works outside their national territories. This support is targeted towards established companies and acts as an incentive to promote the circulation of European works and increase their commercial potential.
  • European Film Distribution  to foster the capacity of distributors to invest in the promotion of non-national European works. The support is targeted towards established companies and acts as an incentive to better promote European non-national films by mitigating the commercial risk that such films can have.

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Grants aim to increase the circulation of European works and widen their pan-European audience by supporting theatrical and online distribution of non-national European films.

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Creative Europe MEDIA Programme

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