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Creative Europe MEDIA — Supporting business innovation in audiovisual

The MEDIA programme will support the audiovisual sector to create a business environment that can scale up the industry’s capacity at European level.

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This cluster of measures under the MEDIA programme promotes business innovation, scalability and talents across the value chain. Specific groups driving the internationalisation of the sector – such as distributors and sales agents – and key market and networking initiatives will receive targeted support, with a view to strengthening the cross-border collaboration, learning and knowledge-sharing which allow the industry to grow beyond its national territories. 

The supporting actions in 2022 under the business cluster are:

  • European media talents and skills: to strengthen the capacity of audiovisual professionals to adapt to new creative processes and new business models with a view to maximise and fully exploit the opportunities of digital innovation across the value chain. This support will include mentoring programmes for audiovisual professionals, including ad hoc boot-camps providing hands-on schemes to young talents across Europe. Furthermore, mentoring programmes will be supported to strengthen diversity and gender balance in the industry.
  • Markets and networking: to encourage business-to-business opportunities both physically and digitally and, in particular, to facilitate co-productions and the visibility, exposure to and acquisition of European works on international markets. Industry events and fairs as well as promotional activities will be supported.
  • European Film Distribution as well as European Film Sales: to foster the capacity of distributors to invest in the promotion of non-national European works. The support is targeted towards established companies and acts as an incentive to better promote European non-national films by mitigating the commercial risk that such films can have.
  • Innovative tools and business models: to improve the visibility and availability of European works and increase audiences in the digital environment. Projects will focus on the specific challenges of the audiovisual sector such as discoverability, sequencing of release windows, financing and territoriality.  Support will also be given to tools for greening of the industry. 
  • MEDIA Stands: to encourage transnational business-to-business exchanges at major audiovisual markets and fairs by providing services including promotional activities and facilitating access of newcomers, as well as of countries with a lower capacity. As of 2022, the Stands shall support the MEDIA Market Gateway initiative to facilitate participation of promising start-ups active in media in the most important global media markets under the European label.
  • New in 2022! MEDIA 360: to exploit synergies among existing ecosystems, to develop further cooperation potential, to reach economies of scale across different supported activities, and to create impact across the value-chain. The action shall support a package of activities related to facilitating the creation and promotion of European content, and/or the uptake of new technologies or business models for the audiovisual sector.

Available funding will be published in the Funding and Tender opportunities Portal.

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