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Creative Europe MEDIA — Supporting a holistic European audiovisual policy

A common European approach to the main audiovisual policy issues is essential for the consolidation of a European audiovisual single market.

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The MEDIA programme aims to promote a holistic European audiovisual policy. It will do so through regulatory dialogue, sharing of analysis and data, forward-looking intelligence on trends in the audiovisual ecosystem, consultation of stakeholders, and promotion and outreach activities.

In response to the challenges of digital transformation and sustainable development, particular attention will be paid to ensuring the full exploitation of the potential of the digital transformation. This includes fostering the greening of the industry and encouraging inclusion, equality, diversity and participation.

Under the cluster of policy, the following objectives will be pursued:

  • support to innovative policy actions and exchange of best practices through the data gathering and forward looking studies that can provide insights on the future trends of the audiovisual ecosystem;
  • promote stakeholders engagement, dissemination activities and awareness campaigns related to European content.

To achieve the objectives above, the following actions will be funded:

  • High quality market and legal analysis and data: membership of and cooperation with the European Audiovisual Observatory to support transparency and equal access to legal and financial/market information and to contribute to the comparability of legal and statistical information.
  • An appropriate application of the EU regulatory framework will be sought through advice on the implementation of the AVMS Directive together with cooperation among national regulatory bodies through the European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services. 
  • A study on the independence of media regulators in the EU Member States will be undertaken as they are crucial for the effective enforcement of content standards.
  • Ad-hoc high-level studies for intelligence on future trends of the audiovisual ecosystem: topromote a holistic approach and adequate policy responses to the challenges of the audiovisual industry.
  • Policy exchanges and cooperation in key areas: with Member States’ experts and regulators to discuss policy priorities in Creative Europe MEDIA, notably in the areas of the access to finance, digital and green transformations as well as diversity and gender balance.
  • Communication, advocacy and engagement with industry and citizens: to ensure visibility of the results of the programme, thus structuring the development of the audiovisual sector at European level. Activities will include in particular the European Film Forum, audience outreach activities and awareness campaigns, to showcase European gems, through European Prizes such as the Lux Audience Award of the European Parliament and the European Film Award.  These activities will include the promotion of the European film heritage through the continuation of the Season of Classic project initiated in 2019. Finally, advocacy campaigns will be supported involving relevant pan European organisation and highlighting the contribution the audiovisual ecosystem bring to the consolidation of European values. In line with Action 8 of the MAAP, an awareness campaign on diversity in the audiovisual and news media sector will be carried out in 2021. It will aim at fostering diversity and gender balance among media talents and professionals across the EU.

Latest News

Creative Europe MEDIA: European VOD networks and operators

The objective is to support European Video on Demand (VOD) networks and operators, screening a significant proportion of non-national European works, with the aim to improve their competitiveness and attractiveness.

Creative Europe MEDIA: European Co-development

The objective is to support the cooperation among European production companies that are developing works with a strong international audience potential.

Creative Europe MEDIA: European mini-slate development

The objective of the European mini-slate development support is to foster the competitiveness of European independent production companies and to increase their economic weight on the market.

Creative Europe MEDIA: Markets & Networking

The objectives of the Markets & networking support: To encourage business-to-business exchanges among European audiovisual professionals, and in particular an increased participation from LCC Group B countries, by facilitating access to physical and online markets; To include industry events focused on contents and/or the uptake of new technologies and business models, as long as they can make an impact on visibility and sales of European works; To value environmental-friendly approaches;

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